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In the tradition of the legendary Miles Davis and John Lennon - I AM Sea Cliff, Long Island's own Art of Todd - both a visionary artist and musician. Composing music and performing remain my primary artistic loves. Channeling voices in my head through my guitar, music provides a visceral, tactile way to plumb the depths of my soul and the world's beat to create God inspired compositions. Musical exploration has cleared the way for me to continue my journey through the world of art.

Check out the sample videos below to hear my musical soul. Feel free to contact me if you want to book me to play. Follow me on Facebook. CD coming soon. FUNK, FOLK & ROLL YO!

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Todd and Jackie Alexander at The Obeah Symphony

I had songs featured in the Off-Broadway Play "The Obeah Symphony", written by Jackie Alexander (right) and Kesi Foster, which was in production at the legendary Billie Holiday Theater in Brooklyn, NY from May 1 - June 30, 2013. This production will be scheduled for a nationwide tour too!

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