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Black & Whites by Art of Todd framed on a patron's wallEach original fine art print represents important experiences and moments in my life that while very personal, are universal in nature.

  • I never remember how each work of art begins or ends...I lose all sense of time and space. This state of spirituality makes each work of art a unique creation.
  • My art just is...though some describe it as urban art, world art, chameleon art, funk art, Black folk art, or African American art. I say display it, vibe with it, and describe it any way you choose.
  • Artistic concepts emerge from the drums banging loudly in my head. My artistic style is mixed media (primarily using Sennilier oil pastels and oil paint sticks on assorted papers). And of course, my trusty Pentax K-1000 camera for photography.

My Black American culture influences my art but my world view is more universal. If skin color is such a small part of our DNA, why does color matter so much? Maybe, subconsciously, this is why faces portrayed in my art do not reflect actual color, but more the spirit under the wrapper.

Do we ever judge a book by its cover? Do we all pray for love? Is there struggle, pride and faith in all we do? If you've ever had these questions in your head, then, featuring museum-quality original fine art prints, could be the place for you.

Thanks for coming. Enjoy your visit...stay a while if u like.

Start your art from my heart! Be part of the cool...

Peace - Todd

Art of Todd Original Fine Art Prints